Orphans in action

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At the flea market in Brighton I found some orphans in a basket. I bought the whole lot and am uploading a picture of some of them - mirrored for your convenience.

Of course I want to see them in action. What technique should I use? I do not know a print shop that uses wood type and have no press of my own.

Perhaps you can recommend a website?


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Try the techniques used by people in this video from the Tage der Typografie 2008 (in German) – http://imk.verdi.de/movies/kalender.mov

The bit with the things that looks like kitchen rollers looks neat. Worth a try?

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Traditionally rubbing & stamping have been associated with wooden block printing.


Scanning, and Photoshopery may also give some good results.

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Thank you both.

Sii, I tried my luck with Photoshop, but the result was awful. Could be my fault, though.

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Most of the good photoshop work seems to be based on scans of printed output rather than the block themselves

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Great! I watched the film and read the article and now I am all set. Can't wait for Monday to buy the ink!

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