Could I get a critique on the use of type for my masthead?

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Hello all. First post here. Great place you guys have here.

This is a masthead Im working on for my new site. We are a design and application development company, just starting out. This is quite simple and I would like to keep it as simple as possible.

Could anyone give me some suggestions on how to improve it. Colors, kerning, face, etc.

Thank you


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Sorry, but this doesn't really have anything to do with anything, other than I thought of it when I read your post.

Your logo concept is very clean, but I'm not "feeling" anything. I think that the word "pulse" requires a design that pulls in the viewer and makes them feel something within

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You also need a tagline or something to explain pulse, being its brand new. People don't get it unless you smack them between the eyes. For all I know pulse could be a walk-in clinic.

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are you playing off of the tounge? If so, I'd make the colon blue as well.

If not, then loose the colon, 'cause I just see a tounge sticking out :p


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Excellent sugestions, thank you. Its great to be able to have new sets of eyes on this. Its odd, I didnt even think of the tongue sticking out, that should have been the first thing to strike me. :p

I will revise it and post some of the ideas.

Any thoughts on the relation of the face (Neutraface) to the type of biz? I purchased this font because I thought it was really beautiful and clean, but I am definately not married to it for this logo.

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Neutraface is a great choice. How many weights did you purchase? Its a very good face for a design business.

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The more I stare at it the more the photo on the pulse management website scares me. hairy nostrils and chipped teeth.

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Yah. I'm not crazy about the homepage at all.

Hip music, a really big close up of a cropped face (w/"hairy nostrils and chipped teeth") in b&w, and a postcard palm tree in color. WOW! Did I forget to mention the heart monitor.

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Mr. Weaver, we purchased the whole standard set.

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I was really trying to stay away from a heart monitor thingy. :-) But I really like the idea of rhythm and beat.

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hey Dave... i agree with the folks here... i really don't know by looking at the logo what its about... what the company is about... i really like the typeface and the nice soft blues u have used.. maybe trying to push the idea of Pulse a bit ?.. as u are playing with colours here... how bout tryin to show pulse with colours ? ... for some reason everytime i look at the logo i feel that the 2 dots are not placed properly and are too much at the bottom relating to the form of the letter "P" how bout tryin to make them a bit smaller and takin them up by 1-2 points ? ... good luck

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Thank you everyone for taking a look and letting me know what you think, I truly appreciate the time and effort.

Ive been think about somehow trying to get acoss with the logo, that we are a design/application company. Im at a loss. Im trying to keep it a simple as possible, using only elements of type in the logo.

Do you think it necessary to have a tagline for instance. If you saw IBM logo for the first time ever, would you know that that were about computers and related technology? This is what is stumping me on this one.

On one hand, of course, I would love to be able to get the idea across instantly. On the other, I think that the site and related print materials will do the job.

Opinions much appreciated.

Here are a few variations.


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hey again Dave... with these ones when i look at them i think of some music company or any company relating to sound... also try using the letter "L" with the blue instead of having "P" as blue coz it might show "pulse" with colours... but i dont think it would be a solution to your problem because it will lay too much attention on the "L" when u want to emphasize on "P" .. but a suggestion anyways... laters !

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I do not see why the logo needs in any way to "enact" a pulse. It says pulse already, to anyone who can read. Anyone who does not "get" pulse from the word "pulse" is missing something pretty basic. I suspect that most attempts to embody some sort of pulsing in the logo will either (a) be so obvious they look ghastly (the heart monitor) or (b) be so subtle they are irrelevant or (c) introduce unwarranted associations (as I think the "musical" logos do).

Nor can I see, with respect, why one has to get design from the logo. The logo will not be used in a vacuum, and presumably it will be obvious from what is around it that design is what it is about.

It seems to me to be perfectly credible and indeed creditable that the logo, rather than saying design tells people who already know that they are dealing with a design company what sort of design they can expect: what its aesthetic tendency is. If the original logo does that, then I'd stick with the original.

The associations I'd get from the original are: spare, clean (super clean), perhaps a little bland, conservative (in a modernist sense), understated, heavily typographical. This is the sort of design I'd want for the annual report of a pharmaceutical company, not for a rock album cover.

If those are the right associations, then the logo is working. If they're not then (for me) it's not. For instance, if you wanted to project playfulness, or political commitment, or a sense of being at the bleeding edge, the logo does not do that for me.

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