Landmark Kerning

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Any expert kerners care to lend a hand?
Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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"MAR" is slightly loose.
"HEALTHCARE" is jutting left; and move its "T" to the right.
The bottom line is too lo-fi to tell.


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hrant has the right idea. Rick, look at 2 letter together, with your fingers covering the others. then look at 3 together, then 4, etc... it's not mathematical, just perceptual. the kerning needs just a little help in LANDMARK, and even more help in HEALTHCARE.

but what bothers me is the thin part on the R in LANDMARK...unless you made more thin parts on other letters...maybe.

why the triangular icon?

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You're getting some good and needed feedback on the kerning, so I'll focus on another issue. Is "connecting health and performance" part of this logo unit, or is it a separate element that will be used liberally on varying applications? If it is separate I have no issue, but if it is part of the unit I think it needs to feel like it is. Right now, it is too distant and lonely.


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Thanks for your feedback on this, here's version 2. The tagline is a secondary element of the logo, not meant to be part of a 'unit'. The pyramid is to represent, in its most literal sense, a landmark. Also, a compass point, giving direction.

Any further feedback would be great--Thanks again!


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RK looks a touch loose to me now. And "Healthcare" still juts a little relative to the end of the word.

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