Fun New Typo term

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Not sure if this is in wide use already but my sister coined a perfect new term for herself. She's like many of our family members who don't understand the difference between serif and sans, even when you point it out to them. I told her to look in Martha Stewart Living for Mundo Sans (they just switched from Trade Gothic or whatever), and she couldn't tell any of the fonts apart. But she calls herself a Typophilistine.

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Put it in the wiki!

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At least she has a sans of humor.


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Never Mind the Ball Terminals, Here's the Typophilistines!

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Typophilistine | typ•o•phil•is•tine | noun - a person who is hostile or indifferent to the typographic arts, or who has no understanding of them

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and she couldn’t tell any of the fonts apart.

... So she's a legibility researcher?


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