Wingdings - America's most wanted...

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"The Wing-Ding bandit, which refers to a font style in the robber's demand notes, has struck twice in Dana Point, most recently at a Union Bank branch on Pacific Coast Highway on Wednesday, Amormino said."

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Coming soon: the Dingbat bandit!

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The lack of further detail on this point is perplexing. The complications inherent in handing someone a note typed up in Wingdings and expecting them to decipher it on the spot are not conducive to a successful bank robbery. I'm not even sure if I can think of a way to construct a simple rebus expressing "give money or die" with the symbols available.

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They've released a picture of Wing-Ding Bandit, but no notes in sight... THE MYSTERY DEEPENS.,0,2216603.story

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he must not be a 'serial bandit' yet!

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@cerulean: Perhaps not, but I've wasted 5 minutes trying!

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perhaps it was a combination of Wingdings + Webdings

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Bandid nomenclature, " Grizzly Band AM " Cause he used to drive a 1979 Pontiac Trans AM.

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Could the bandit be David Carson? He set an entire article in Raygun in Zapf Dingbats, so this appears to be in line with his style.

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Your fonts are safe - the Wing-Dings Bandit has been apprehended...

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When I start releasing fonts they’re all getting badassed names just in case a bank robber starts using them in his notes. I totally want to smile about the “Phat Goffik” bandit.

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He kind of looks like a designer...

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