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Hello type people!

I am working on a design for a client running an online business selling GPS navigation units for Audi & Volkswagen. There a few issues me and my client are having:

1. Can't decide which of these logotypes are appropriate for the market. His competitors are doing a terrible job establishing an aesthetic, so we have to make a new one. The trouble is in what fits a business dealing with medium-high range luxury vehicles (said from an average income perspective of course:)

2. Can't decide on layout decisions, my client is having a great deal of trouble choosing, so am I since my clients are usually very opinionated.

Thanks guys,

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<3 to all type lovers.

oh and i understand that most of the work you see here is not design for print.

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Left column, top logo combined with the second website layout.

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I'd say right column, top logo combined with the second website layout.

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I agree with eliason. I like the top right logo. But I assume "vag" is supposed to stand for Volkswagen Auto Group. In all lowercase, it looks less than V-A-G than it does a word that's slang for, well, a word that starts with "vag." I wonder if you could create a logo in the spirit of that one, but in all caps (at least for the VAG part of it).

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i initially thought i was done when i made the top right logo. but i think your right jonathan, lowercase it looks a little wrong. maybe including the dots for abbreviation or maybe i'll just use small caps for the v.a.g. component. Thanks guys...Great help.

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