Daxion - dotted font

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I didn't had any jobs this afternoon so I thought I would be giving a try at FontStruct. This is what I came with and I'm quite happy, but I would love to hear your comments about it. I'm making it freely available at Daxion font at FontStruct and you can use it for commercial projects if you find its 178 characters suitable.
I hope you like it, cheers!

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Dang, that's pretty complete for a fontstruct typeface. Nice job! I have like three incomplete typefaces sitting around there, I should finish them up...

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LOL magic thread, actually this was one of the two incompletes I had, and it was a completely different thing :D thankfully it turned out ok.

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I appreciate the aesthetic very much. Can't believe you have ligatures in there. 0.o great job. the grey value is fragmented, but that's what makes it unique, we can't all think like Mr.Frutiger does.

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