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Hi everyone.

I'm designing a poster for an upcoming play which takes place in New York. I came up with something that was an homage to Saul Bass. The director liked it, but he was worried that it looked too old-school since the play is set in modern-day New York.

So my question - do you have any examples of designs or styles that would convey "modern-day New York"?

- Lex

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Lex, could you post what you showed the director? Maybe that will help generate some comments.

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I don't live in New York, and the most time I have spent there was 4 months. But, I can say the thing about New York, from my outsider's perspective, is that it will probably always have old world charm. I mean, think about Woody Allen. He makes movies based on that mystique. No?

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That's interesting Miss Tiff...the Windsor Light Condensed (now available from Bitstream) Woody Allen has used since the 1970s has become iconic because he used them, it seems to me; at the time the choice seemed to us rather arbitrary, just a popular typositor display face that went with the Dixieland soundtrack with him playing on it.

We don't know more about the subject matter here, so let me note three ways to go, depending on that subject matter:

--distressed or grunge type, suggesting graffiti or faded wall ads; there are tons of those about, many of them free downloads (just put "free fonts" in this site's search window and you'll get a fabulous vetted list of free download sites). Among the pay fonts are DF Forge and Battery Park, both from Veer

--deco or moderne fonts like Mostra, Binner Gothic, Romeo, Huxley Vertical, Bernhard Gothic (best from Spiece Graphics), various takes on Johnston, Neutraface, and Burin Sans. Nick Curtis has marvelous deco/moderne faces for little or no money; check them at MyFonts or the Nick Curtis download site listed on our free fonts resource page.

--Donald Trump piss-elegant, like Trajan and related high-society Charlotte York looks

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@MondoB: Miss Tiff...

It's "Miss Tiffany", no less, to everyone here.

j a m e s

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Hey guys - thanks for the suggestions. I convinced the director to go with my original concept with a bit of a tweak to the image.

- Lex

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I was going to suggest the ubiquitous Gotham which was designed with New York in mind. But it's great that the director went with your concept. Hewlett Packard used a Saul Bass-like treatment for their recent ad campaign.

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As I recall TypeCon NYC had six different logos? Kind of saying New York is too "big" for just one graphic style.

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