Fertigo Pro

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In between Anivers and Museo Sans I decided to update “the font nobody’s waiting for”. Just for fun, because it *is* fun. It will be completely redrawn and have extended language support (like Museo).


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Jos, you are a (font) baby machine! Will this one have italics?

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Thought about italics, but still not sure. Would be a nice challenge, because it already has a little italic feeling about it.

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what a good news ! i like this one too !

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I happened across a site today using it! Already!?

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That looks like the earlier version Tiff. Note the one cartoon hug on that site referring to Comic Sans...

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That would be really really fast :-) This release is an update on a previous version of Fertigo released about two years ago. I came across that site also. Nice!

BTW ... just for fun ... this one I saw on flickr some time ago:

(Photo by Christopher Hester)

**edit** crossed posts with Carl.

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I figured as much, but was it coincidence or kismet?

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If I could have a choice, I'ld prefer kismet ;-)

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Thanks Jos, for the fonts :-)

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My pleasure André.

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