Squares and typographic grid

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For this work I’ve used a set of rules to create a programme that would give a diferent typographic grid. The basic though was to create circles out of the rotation of a square. The smallest square is 10 cm and is rotated in angles of 5º. The midle square is 20 cm and rotated in angles of 10º and the bigger is 30 cm and rotated in angles of 20º. I’ve then choosen angles 20º and 80º for the magenta and 30º and 150º for cyan, that created the grid. The text was divided in colors acording to each sentence. Each sentence takes the color of the grid line it’s placed upon and each sentence only begins when the line it is upon is intersected by a line of the oposite color. The question takes the gray color and is the only sentence that is placed out of the grid. This messy look gives the anwser to the question, you have to turn around and to be prepared to take chances and changes to stand out and be heard.

I'd love to ear your comments on this.

Pedro Monteiro

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For example "of expressing yourself". Doesn't the "o" has to start at the intersection point? Or "heard?". I mean, if you follow the logic of the grid …

And can you show your result without the underlying grid.

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The 'o' should start in the intersection all right. I kind of cheated on that one because it looked better this way.

I can show it without the grid but it looks a little 'naked' because it was done to show the grid.

As for the 'heard' its in gray therefore it is the question which is outside the grid :-D

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