april fools type work

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Do you think if I had the image below as a barcode on my book, it could somehow represent april fools.

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But to what purpose? Also, is the barcode faux or real? It looks like it must be faix. Can you embed a meaning in it too? What about switch the letters for numbers like 3 for E etc?

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5L00F L1RP4

$L00F L1RP4

What is 7 used as in letter form? Is it L but the other way round?

I wish there was an E so it could be replaced by a £.
Also, it is the first day of the financial yr int he UK, therefore it could work with that too i.e. buying etc

It is for my book. Please see the following link: http://typophile.com/node/45871

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I like the 5L00F L1RP4 best.

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