The New York Times egyptian/slab serif?

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Anyone have any info on the slab typeface used by New York Times for page headers?

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This one I believe.
Sunday, by Process Type Foundry

Without an image?

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Sunday is a sans. I believe they are referencing Matthew Carter's customized Stymie.

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Stephen, out of curiosity, do you know the relation between Stymie and Rockwell ?

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I know only that Symie came later, designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1931.

From MyFonts:

The original Rockwell was produced by the Inland typefoundry in 1910, which issued it as Litho Antique; American Type Founders revived the face in the 1920s, with Morris Fuller Benton cutting several new weights.

The Monotype Corporation produced its version of Rockwell in 1934; unfortunately, some of the literature erroneously referred to it as Stymie Bold, thereby creating confusion that still exists today.

Rockwell is a geometric slab serif design, a strong display face for headlines and posters; it is also legible in short text blocks.

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