Please crit, logo for restaraunt

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This is for a Design project, It is for a restaraunt ID,
design ID

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Jeremy i think you should make a brief description of the assignment, so we can crit the work on a basis.


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The brief was to brand a new identity for a Restaurant; we have free range for what type of cuisine we are serving.
I have chosen the French term

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Well... it it's "piquant" maybe you should consider using more red on your logo :-)

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first of all I think you should make clear in your mind how the restaurant want to "sell" itself. It is a taugh task since it is you that will be the client. It is good to be a little Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde here. For the begining think as a businessman. Put restrictions and rules as a client puts and don't consider in the first place the "design". It is a good lesson to make the design work for the idea and not the opposite.

Further, about what you have right now is that you miss the process i described before. You seem not to have a clear concept of the work. If it is about Mediterranean food you have to consider that one of the most strong i.d. characteristics is history/tradition and warm colours. I would recommend to start a small research about "what mediterranian style" is and after you have a clear view about it, then you can go beyond and put your own option of "how I see Mediterranian style". Then you can step on your research and create your aspect as much "modernist" or retro you want to be.

For the moment i see no food and no mediterranian style.

Hope that i was helpfull and not disturbing. Wish a creative and sunny day.


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Jeremy, I don't understand the blue shape and the letter spacing needs alot of work. Its almost as if the space between letters increases as the word developes.

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I think some "rustic" type (what color?) with an oversized* red acute might be nice.

* Pepper-shaped? Oh, that's too Chili's.


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I think of a new-media company when I see your current logo. I think it's the shades of blue and grey and the italic sans face.

Mediterranean style for me holds connotations of earth tones with bold accents, especially red, gold, and ultramarine. Lots of filigree/embellishment as well.

I'd consider using a small cap from a "distinguished" serif face; does FF Acanthus have a SC?

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yea i agree with most people here, it doesn't fit for the type of restaurant you described.

Christos' post above is exactly right.
define your concept before you even touch the computer. write down words that come to mind about the restarurant, look for imagery associated with the type of restaurant it is, photos and drawings and such, and draw little pictures of things and letters and anything else. remember, all this before you touch the computer. seriously, it's been tried and proven--it works out better in the end.

also, give your logo some breathing room (a little bit of white space around it) even if just to show us a draft. presentation is half of it.

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The type isn't "sitting" in that box very happily. Although the name is French, I thought of sushi. I don't think it needs to be overall red and spicy. Great chefs, ergo great food, has just the right amount of spice to achieve the desired flavor. I do think you need to explore type a more. What were some of your other initial thoughts/sketches?

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