brushscript logo - where to from here?

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Hello there. I would love some suggestions for where to go with this logo. It has been brushed by hand and vectored, but I know it needs a lot of work.

The 'airport' font is Bliss, which would be used elsewhere in the identity. The logo is for a small airport in a beautiful natural setting. 80% of visitors are tourists. So we wanted to create a natural, easy, flowing logo.

Being new to this some input would be appreciated! Thanks.

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You could certainly try a smaller Cap L or a different shaped L altogether . . .

The 'ston' part of the word is nice but the first half is very inconsistent . . .

The underline would suggest water to me . . .

I always prefer the word Airport tracked out so it has a more simple and elegant look . . .

Just first gut reactions . . .


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I'm not so sure a brushscript is so ideal for a logo intended for an airport.

I mean if there are going to be a lot on non-english speakers there, the most simple and clean letterforms work best, especially for the wayfinding.

Imagine you go to india, and instead of having clearly written signs what if it were all done in a stylized calligraphic and you have to find your way around…

I'm not suggesting that you use Univers or Helvetica and destroy what you have, I'm just offering a friendly caution.

If you continue with the hand-rendered stuff, I'd recommend greater letter variations and using only the sans-serif for wayfinding and further signage…

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just thought I'd post the Lifetime logo ... it's a brush script with some great character to it.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design

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