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Hi all! I'm working on this logo, and was wondering what you thought. One element I would like to incorporate is to link two letters together with a stroke or some other element, but the name of the company doesn't lend itself to this kind of treatment. If you have any ideas that would be greatly appreciated.

I have a feeling someone will cringe at the use of Helvetica Neue, but I don't have a very large type selection.



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i like the second one, but i some way disturbs me the diferent heights, why don't you level LS and at the the end of the horizontal stroke starts the S from the bottom.

i dont know if i make my self clear

anyway, nice work

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thanks for your input! The client liked the bottom logo, and that's it! Thanks again!


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Personally I like Helvetica. I would choose the upper one. Maybe you could leave more space between the words and the vertical line. And I think the space between L. and STEPHENSON should be adjusted manually, otherwise the gap might be too wide.

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I like Helvetica Neue, the top logo is my favorite, I would however suggest moving the (stranded) "L" a bit close to the rest. If you are going simply with a typographic identity, change something to make it more unique especially if using a common (but nice) font like Helvetica. In the end all that matters is what the client chooses, and since he/she chose the bottom version I would still suggest doing something about the stranded L.

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