Donate Your Typographic Treasures to SOTA's Silent Auction Fundraiser!

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Our silent auction was so well received over the last couple of years that instead of holding a traditional-style auction at TypeCon2008, SOTA is planning another unique area in the marketplace where rare and valuable collectibles can be found… A place where your inner treasure-seeker can possess and fondle that special piece of typographic history… A place to find a little something for yourself, or a gift for that very special type geek in your life. If you have any typographic trinkets, knickknacks, bibelots, ornaments, baubles, objet d’art, collector’s items, rarities, curiosities, oddities, kickshaws, or tchotchkes that you’re ready to part with, donate them to our TypeCon Silent Auction and help us raise money to fund SOTA and its educational activities. It’s for a good cause, you can share your exceptional taste with other type fiends, and you can clear space on your shelf so you can buy new stuff. Since SOTA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, your donations are tax-deductible, too!

Please email me us at silentauction [at] typegirl [dot] com, subject line “My Typographic Treasure,” with the following info:
- Item name and description
- Writer/publisher/designer/etc.
- Estimated value
- Exciting sales blurb or personal anecdote about the item

If you are attending TypeCon, we ask that you bring your donation with you and drop it off at the registration table at the Hyatt. If you won’t be attending TypeCon, but would like to donate items, please email me for all the scoop on shipping and such.
Thank you in advance for your support!

Hoping to see you soon!
Tiffany & Richard

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