Diavlo for Exhibition

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Hugo Roussel from STUDIO PUNKAT did this wonderful job with Diavlo.


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hey, thank you for that... but... mmmh... could you delete the last one ?
i don't really like it... thanks. regards.

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Sure ... done. Thanks for stopping by!

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Love it.

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Wow, this look absolutely fantastic!

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Thanks! It's so great witnessing your own font getting used like this ... like a ten fold espresso shot at once ;-)

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This is really great. Congrats!!

Nice colors and great type. I want that type!

rio de janeiro, brazil

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All design credits I must humbly direct to Hugo. The type is free. You can download it *here*.

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hey jos, thanks. again. But your type is the foundation of that work. i'm not sure it looks so nice with "Comic sans" type instead of the Diavlo. ahhah.

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Ok ... Let's call it synergy. Sans comique ;-)

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Jos, your fonts are some of my favorites to use, and I love seeing them used in settings like these. This is one of the reasons I want to design type; that feeling when you see your type in use must be fantastic.

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What does the word Diavlo mean?

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It sure is DrDoc. Thanks.

@ Mike: Because some characters look like they have little horns and the overall look is quite sharp I wanted some devilish name for it. My first working title was Diavolo but a font by that name already existed ... hence the name Diavlo.

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I just want to say : I've used this one for that exhibition because Victor Prouvé was an "Art nouveau" artist. And well, i think Diavlo suggests perfectly the interest of that artistic way for Nature. It makes me think of twigs, leafs, etc...

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Now, that's a beautiful pice of a cover :-)

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Thanks very much for the type. I got it!!

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You're very welcome.

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