init fina alternates for older programs

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I made this font it has as it's feature 4 sets of small letters regular beginning swash type for init, ending swash type for fina and double single letter swashes for single letters like a in the middle of a sentence. I use cswh to call that one. It's works great as expected..

The problem. Photoshop CS2 you can't turn those features on. They don't exist in that version. Well calt does My question is Can somebody show me a sample of how I can get this idea working in the older Photoshop. I searched this forum a thousand times looking for a solution. I see people are having this problem but I can't find a solution. It may be here but I can't find. It's a multi language font too.

Is there a way to call fina inside a different calt.. Do you have to build all the classes again ? What is the easy way that will work flawlessly. It works as expected right now but I want to build in functions if possible for older programs.

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Actually now i just got the fina swashes working with calt. As expected. Now i just need someway for getting init the begining word swashes working. I don't really care about the single letters. Only a is used in English. I've added keys to add them manually if they are required.

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I think this thread answers your question,

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You're right that it. I missed it. Now I get it. I can make it work despite them. I get a kick out of the open type spec. You implement it correctly then find out numerous programs don't support it. Programs by Adobe... I got to try it in InDesign and it works just like I expect it to. Just like in the editor, perfect. Photoshop CS3 is a different story and Photoshop CS2 is different again. With this idea I can get it working correctly somewhat in all three. I got calt working just I could not figure out what I needed to get the beginning of the word working. Now I understand the error in my thinking.


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