Using a lowercase "p" as a question mark?

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After a long time sketching, testing, searching and starting from scratch repeatedly I have settled on what I feel to be a suitable logo for myself when doing freelance work (as a client I am a pain in the ass). The only problem is that I can't seem to turn my lower-case "p" into a question mark without losing the awesome sci-fi retro curves of Magistral Extra Bold OT. The standard ? that is part of the character set is no help as it in turn looks nothing like a "p".

Terrible attempts at conversion (and the original ?)

Any ideas? About anything I mean, I'm at the point now where I feel I might have "settled" for Magistral when something better is out there waiting!

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Have you tried using the p but cutting out the back of the stem where it meets the bowl?

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I have, it looks very empty and loses the rigidity. I also tried horizontally flipping the c but again it lacks that solidity.

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How do you feel about this?

--- Just brainstorming....

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About your second entry - would it benefit being just a tiny bit looser? I like your concept.


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FWIW, I think aszszelp's suggestion is right on target.

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aszszelp: That does look great! I'll try it with the descender intact on the p.

Sharon: I'll give that a go as well, you might be right.

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I wouldn't connect the descender with the dot though...

That would take the ?-mark's easy recognisability, and I think the "broken" as you call it descender is not necessary: you can interpret it as a small-caps P as well...

But it's up to you :-)

And I'm happy you like it, I'm happy I could help.

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I see what you mean now, I think it works really well like that. You'll have to send me an invoice! :-P

Looks fantastic vectored up!

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Write me your billing address. If you feel unconfortable posting it publicly, you can use private messaging.

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OF COURSE I was just joking ;-)

Just don't forget to remember me.


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