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We need a serious text face for a German translation of Vedanta: A Simple Introduction. Not Palatino. Should probably be by a German (or German-speaking) designer though. Classic is safe. The book introduces the reader to the Vedanta philosophy in clear, straightforward language. It is not heavy reading. Your suggestions appreciated.

Any tips on composing a German text for someone who has experience only with English would also be helpful.



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Some more classics:
Weiß Antiqua
Ehrhardt (Is it Hungarian, Dutch or British? Well, at least the name is German.)
Sabon (Not a German name – but designed by Jan Tschichold. Plus the typeface is very common in Germany.)

Also, some fresh ones:

Any tips on composing a German text

Do you have something special in mind? Some random thoughts: German language can have quite a lot of long compound words. That may affect your decisions on line length and H&J. The fact that all nouns start with capital letters – plus some umlauts here and there – will give you a slightly different colour on the page.

Have a look at the treatment of quotes: Anführungszeichen explained at The standard is „quotes“. You can also use »quotes«, which might be nicer, depending on the typeface. «Quotes» are allowed, too, but those are rather rare.

There are certainly a lot more details to consider. I don’t know how deep you wanna dive into it. There’s a book that covers all of the German typographic rules, and even more: Detailtypographie by Friedrich Forssman and Ralf de Jong. Purchasing this ‘bible’ might be overkill, though.


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Thanks. That will help.

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