Venceremos Latin

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Venceremos is my first crack at a wedge-serif (latin) font. It more or less follows the models set by Stephenson Blake

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David one more time congratulations to the work.
I like very must the expression of each part of each caracter which is very expressive.
In Portuguese language the name "venceremos" it means "we will win" funny. I don´t have critics to say I agree with your options and is a very good work. Best regards David.

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An ascending old-style "2"! :-)
I like Venceremos (both the design and its provenance), and the only thing that caught my eye is the "g": maybe make the ear stronger?


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Any word on the Release of DTD Venceremos at

DTD Venceremos is a very interesting type face.

Yours truly,

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Are you going ressurect every old thread just to ask that?

It's kind of trollish.

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Nice catch. :) I served as the first art director of "Venceremos," which is indeed still being published as a quarterly tabloid directed at the "Latina/o & Chicana/o" community here in Salt Lake City.

I was told by its editors that "Venceremos" is a spanish phrase that translates roughly as, "We shall overcome." It struck me as a great name for a font, although the publication has yet to utilize it. ;)

That looks like good advice on the uc "R", too. I'll play with it & post the developments.

David Thometz

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Very nice!

It's hard to be sure from the sample, but it looks like the UC is a little light compared to the lc, or vice versa.

Any chance of a text setting?

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I may be the only one to catch the "Venceremos"
reference. 12 page tabloid activist quarterly, David?
Another nice one. Perhaps the leg of the upper 'R'
needs a sight shift too the right. I really dig the
funky stress angle and its affect on the caps.


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