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I've finished up a font and have decided to unleash it on the world for free.

Zandvoort is a Font containing numbers (1-99) in circles. Both open (black numbers in a black outlined circle) and closed (white numbers in a black circle) versions are included.

It should be pretty easy to find the number you need, as everything is laid out very systematically. Use the Shift and Option keys to access all the numbers.

You can get it here:

zandvoort-promo.jpg43.49 KB
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This looks quite useful, Jonathan. Thanks for making it available.

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Thank you, Jonathan. Should be fun to play with - besides being useful ;)

I'll show you what I did when I'm finished.

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I'm glad you like it. I created it for use at work to save me from having to manually place numbers into circles every time I needed them. I know there are some existing font like this, but I didn't like how they were setup, so I wanted a solution that was very systematic.

Katharina -- I'd love to see how you use it.

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