Type-inspired baby names?

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Here's a semi-serious idea that actually could happen, depending ..

Two of my oldest friends are 5ish weeks away from having their first baby, and they're nowhere near a sense of what to name the lil pup. They're both designery and bookish, and quite like type. In fact, she's sitting across from me and just exclaimed "Pica! We'll name it Pica! Or .. Franklin!"

So, if you had to choose a type-inspired name for a baby, boy or girl, what would it be?

All the reasonable guidelines apply, for example nothing unpronounceable or humiliating. Like, not 'Slug'. :)


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For a girl - how about
Lucida or Maiandra

For a boy - Viking or Monaco, Arno or Eyrie (very Hollywood sounding)

Gill sounds quite masculine too.... but Gill Sans could be a problem if the family was Mr and Mrs Balls.

Good game!

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For a boy:

Fertigo (he could have nicknames like Fer, Fertie)
Basker (Caslon and Basker could be some two gangsters or so)
Benton (sort of Ben Ten..)

For a girl:
Meta (maybe Metanelle?)
Jannon ("hey Jan, wanna go to the prom with me?")
Tyfa (cool for 3d movie)

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I'm really glad no one has started a thread on type inspired porn star names or font-related Star Wars names... ;-)

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> a thread on type inspired porn star names
or something like...... :^)

Commercial Strip
Van Di[j]ck.
ITC Eros

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Actually Ruben, that's a good idea .. so at the risk of shining a brighter light on them, the baby's last name will be 'Odwak', so what would you pair with it?

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VOLT would be a nice name if your baby comes with some open type features. ;-).

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Geez. Odwak? :P

Well, I really liked “Quaint”, actually. So if they're not afraid of having an eccentric kid (not only that, I guess they'd have to be really confident), Quaint Odwak actually sounds really good to me. I like eccentric. And it also seems to make sense! A quaint is something “attractively unusual” (according to askoxford.com) – appart from the typographic meaning, of course –, and then you've got “odd” and “wack” or “whack”… I think it's a cool name to have! Although it probably wouldn't fit a girl very well.
And it has unusual letters, too… a name with a Q, a W and a K? That's sweet! But of course, this kid's going to have to live with that name, I don't know how that would be… :P

I'm also a big Seinfeld fan, and the George character wanted to name his kid Seven. Seven Odwak doesn't sound that bad to me. Nice for a girl! :P

How about Bell(e) Odwak? Trinité Odwak? Tilde is like Tilda Swinton, the actress, so it's less “different” if they're not into something too weird… I like Zuzana, too. I think Odwak isn't hard to pair with other names.

Guess we could go on forever… how about getting them here and we'll all brainstorm together?! :P I think we'd all love to help choose a typographic name for a kid! :D

(Long S. Odwak? Nah, that'd just be cruel… :D)

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Sorry. I'll stop, now. :P

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I agree with ilovecolors, Meta would be a pretty sweet name.

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Trajan would be a cool boy's name. What about Ampersand? :D I'd like to see a bully come up with a good name-rhyme tease for that! Maybe if you went ala Prince and spelled it ‘&'.

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Pearl or Ruby, if small.
Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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Colon is not good. In spanish Colon is the last section of digestive system and its the Columbus name too. So, bad in both ways. LOL.

Call it Open type so you could nickname him "hey, O.T., wake up!"

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^ Same in English. I wondered about that, but maybe the last name was Oscopy? Who knew?

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