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I've created a couple logo's for my company and wondered if anyone had an opinion or suggestions...

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they're actually not even logo's, are they? I've been kicking around a few ideas, but haven't implemented one. I've been pretty bummed cause I paid a few different people/co's over the past 3,4 years to come up with something, and after paying for the comps i end up using my own stuff anyway. some have been quite expensive and it's been a real bummer.

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these concepts feel like they're going in too many different directions right now.

What is your company?

What does your Company do?

Who is the target market for your company?

Where is your logo going to be seen, and at what size?

Answer those questions and maybe we can try to figure something out - right now I know NOTHING about your company, even after seeing these logos.

There's a lot you can do here, the letters in the name can certainly be worked with, I think the biggest issue isn't picking one from a bunch, but knowing what it is you're looking for and why.

I'll be checking back later…

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(whoops, sorry about the double-post)

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ok, thanks-a-million for the response.
i sell audio / video products online and do low-voltage av installation, like home theaters, etc.

i have a website at

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Well, I'm hoping that your logo work will also include a website. Based on the look of your current website, I would not buy equipment from you or trust you to do quality work in my home. Your website does not inspire confidence in your product. And the light-speed slideshow you have of the logos of the products you sell is unnerving.

The treatments you posted originally are, in fact, a type of logo: they're logotypes. Other companies have done logotypes successfully: think 3M or Fedex.

Give up on the top and middle ones. The bottom one has promise and you should consider staying with it. That's Gill Sans?

Nick Hladek

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Yeah the bottom one has potential. I do not like the A and V together. The top of the 'A' is too flat in comparison with the bottom of the 'V'. There should be symmetry.
I would also make the letters more uniform in width in the 'INTEL' part. The 'E' and 'L' look to narrow for the 'N' and 'T'.

Hope that helps.

BTW: Your website really functions on no level for me too. You would be better served WITHOUT that online than with. Seriously consider a professional re-design.

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I apprec. the advice. I am definately getting the website re-done. I was just messing with it myself to learn the differences between zencart, magento, etc. etc.

And to also learn what terms mean so I have a better understanding of finding a quality programmer/designer.

It has been a long haul. Same as the logo. Anybody want to help me find a designer that could do some really great work on my logo that wont cost me a fortune? this was just my masters thesis project at marshall(usc), but has turned into a business.

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I'm interested in helping out. Shoot me an e-mail at, and we can talk.

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