Nlcf - simple logo redesign

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Thanks for glancing at this. Our current logo is a bit complex so we're trying to transition to a simpler high-contrast idea, also we'd like to migrate from the full name (new life campus fellowship) to just the letters as a standalone name. It's a inter-denominational university church if that helps.

Here's a few first rough steps in freehand, I'd love your input on how I should get started. My inspiaration is 50's countertop modernist retro feel.

How do I keep it from being too comical?


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I'm getting much more of a Trance music feel than a 50s feel - I don't know if that's good or bad here. Anyway, I like the shapes (but not when they're outlined or encircled).

How important is legibility?
BTW, when you give the "c" a thick head it's becoming an "e".


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And I see an h rather than an L for the second character.

What about a thick, squarish character like M.C. Escher's signature block?

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The logos are not so legible and this might be a problem. Try to work more on the shapes on the C1 version...

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Unreadable. Period

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Dave it looks sloppy. If you like sloppy work then it works. Your n looks like a h. I would spend more time reviewing the goals of the organization and make the mark reflect the spirit of the goals.

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what is it about the "50's countertop modernist retro feel" that captures the heart of your organization? along with daniel, my reccommendation would be to start with that question, and let the design stem from it.

but, if the vibe really is in that vein...

do you have any other attempts that we could see? these are all essentially variations with the same face.

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