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This project is just in the beginning stages. It's for my brother in law so it's not anything that's on a time limit, it's just something I've began and I'm having fun with.

He's a commercial real estate appraiser who works for himself. Basically this logo would only be for letterhead, business cards and a cover sheet for the actual appraisals themselves.

His initials are e and g. He said he'd like to keep his name in it instead of adding an abstract shape. So I'm playing with his initials to create a shape. I like the way the lower case e and upper case G were essentially the same shape when mirrored.

Obviously number 1 is just getting the letters on there and the rest were taken from there.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

A tagline will be added below with the full company name, but I'm not there yet.

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so far i'm not really feeling anyone of these. Maybe #1, simple is always good. But the rest seem forced. Have you tried a serif font? You might get some interesting interaction between letter forms.

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Well that's no good.

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e.g. = for example

so there's a bit of a challenge with that.

The first thing I thought of was to look at using the tail from a double storey g and attach it to the e to make a ligature.

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be careful:

I'm really thinking the best thing for this isn't going to be capital sans-serifs, but lowercase old-style letters, like garamond or caslon, but play with them a little bit…

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"E" and "G". You sketch #1 you have a e and G. Why not try two Gs, one of them flipped horizontally, it would look like a E. Just a thought.

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Yes, I immediately thought Chanel when I looked at these. These treatments feel too "luxe" to me, and don't seem to fit "commercial real estate appraiser." I'm just playing free-association and throwing out some concepts I would like to see expressed in a new direction: business, confident, informed, value, industrial, serious, etc.

Nick Hladek

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Thanks everyone. Like I said these were just beginning. I appreciate it.

I haven't had time, or needed to go back to these because my sister and he just had a baby.

I still feel like I have something with number 5. I feel like it's the most structured. You're right Nick about some of them not feeling like “commercial real estate appraiser.”

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