MOKKA release

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Mokka is now available at MyFonts (50% off until end of June).
You can find more information about the type family on my webpage. Here you can also find a specimen.

Hope you like it

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Great piece of work there.
btw, I loved your Marat too.

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Another instant classic from Ludwig. I look forward to using this alongside Marat, which has already found great favor with my clients. Mokka has a very different personality, as spiky and medieval as Gaudi. Its creative centerpiece is the lower case roman a, extraordinarily fresh and sculptural, with so much invention flowing from there. That little nose in profile at the top of the lower case roman i and others, the pushy little elbow on the lower case roman g, the aggressive tail at the bottom of the lower case italic f, the limp-wristed hello in the top corner of the lower case italic y and w. So many details to show should always be used large. Keep in truckin', Ludwig!!

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Another sample of Mokka in text use, with the OpenType contextual alternates switched on:

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