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Hi everybody,

This is my first post, though I have followed the learned discussions on Typophile for some time. I would like to submit for criticism this logo that I am developing. The client is a sort of web based "job agency" for companies.

Invenio is Latin for "I find".

All comments and suggestions are welcome.


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You've got a good concept going on here, but your solution is backwards I think.

You're using the letter 'v' to make a compass, I believe you'd have better luck using a compass to make the letter 'v'.

try focusing on making a solid compass shape and substituting the 'v' for the southern pint of the shape, see if that helps!

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here's sort of what I was thinking:

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I like it, but my focus tends to go to the square between the vs.

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Hi. I think the 2nd example in caps works the best. Maybe as a suggestion you could make a version with a less bold font, to see how that works out. Also in the 2nd version, is the V point the actual V of the font? Maybe if it is you could look at making the compass something less like the V and more like a compass point. I think as long as the point looks something 'like' a V then you would get away with it not matching the font as such. Did that make sense? Like the idea though.


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"Invenio" the second one with caps the best, for my eyes.



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Agreed... the second one. Perhaps there is a way to make the box stand out more if that's what you're going for. Maybe use the color for the box not the star shape. My eyes see the star more than the box. Or if the box was black and the color was on the rest of the text? I don't care for the two colors you've used so far. Not on screen at least.

I do like the bold more than I think I'd like something lighter in weight.

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my suggestion: take the square away for a's a frame and as such seems to be wanting something to go in it..maybe find some kind of iconic art that conveys what the company is about... as is, the "compass" seems to overwhelm everything else.

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Thanks for all comments, it's greatly appreciated!

It seems the all-caps version is the favourite. I agree the compass tend to take over the whole thing; below I am trying a lighter approach. The box is meaningless, though I rather liked the star-shape in the negative space. I have got rid of both in the versions below.

@iffy: are the new colors better, you think?

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definite improvement all round I'd say. Glad that most people went with the caps version. My favourite is the first one, as the compass points are a little more stylised. You've probably tried it already, but does it work making the four points slightly bigger? It doesn't matter in the first version, although if you were to go with the other versions, making the points a bit bigger might work to harmonise the lettering to the point.

Good work.


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It is getting better. I like the red and black. The contrast is greater between the text and the star. The first one in the above picture is the one :)

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I like the top one best too. I think the v looks a little stunted in the others.

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The colors seem much better! Like everyone else, the first seems the most polished.

I really like the shape of that v with the blocky letters. The narrow and tallness of it compliments the rest better than the shorter v does in the other options.

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Also you proved me wrong. I like the less bold versions even more than the bold.

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Mans, why don't you drop the multiple V's and just have one, which rotates like the needle on a compass - pointing at the users cursor location on the web page... if it's a web based company you aren't limited to the constraints of print and static explanations of your idea. Just a thought...

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mp, good idea, although if it's a company of any type they're probably going to need letterheads & business cards, so that wouldn't work in print situations.


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jazzhustler, you're right: it is indeed a company and they will want stationery. Also I think a single, rotating V would be a little too playful for this particular customer (before the trademark is well established, at least), not to mention reducing the readability of the logo.

I think I'll present the topmost version in the second image and see what he says.


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