Futura alternatives

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Hello all,

I've noticed lately some great applications of Futura-like type:

President's choice packaging (it is replacing the over-used Trajan they previously had on their labels): http://www.presidentschoice.ca/

Sci-fi channel website: http://www.scifi.com/onair/index.php?id=0

I was wondering what fonts are similar to this and have a similar feel. So far I've discovered:

-Century Gothic

what else is like those?

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I love you so much *hug*

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It would be great to have an updated opentype version of Futura, with all the alts and osf that Renner originally designed.
In saying that Neutraface-2 is ridiculously useable (more for text than Futura I would say) and although a different beast, it is in similar vein (ish)

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oh mili, I already have chalet, its 't' in the 1980 flavour is beyond belief!

and thanks all you guys, I really appreciate everything, I've looked over the links and I have a couple new wishes on my wish list!

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The Foundry has Renner and Renner Bold in its Architype library. Not sure whether those are OpenType.

Also check out P22’s LTC Twentieth Century.

Moreover, there’s Gert Wiescher’s Futura Classic.


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Proxima Sans
Avant Garde
Century Gothic
Twentieth Century

and maaaaany more

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