Where is a good college/ institute to take a one year program in graphic design?

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Im graduating this july with a social communications degree (a combo o advertising, journalism, film, radio, all the social media communications channels) and Im into design. I dont want to get a graduate degree yet so what can i do to learn to design!!!

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I don’t know of many places to get a great experience in a year, having just graduated from design school let me tell you that a year is barely enough time to get one’s feet wet. You might be better off working in a marketing/design depart or firm and taking classes on nights and weekends for a few years.

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work in your feild at a design studio and get in that way is my best bet. No 1 year course can prepare you for it, but as a smart person with passion, I bet you'd learn better from designers themselves than in the classroom anyway.

I'm taking a 3-year program and I've seen the graduates from it, unless you work very very hard ,even 3 years isn't enough…

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