Blogging on Typophile for the CMYB Expertimental, On-line Design Course

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This summer, Daniela Marx and I are co-teaching an experimental design course completely on-line.

We want to see how it might be possible to teach a full studio course on design using only the internet. Utilizing the Loyola University New Orleans Blackboard format as the administrative center, we are teaching the studio experience through reading, writing and creating with blogs, MySpace and Youtube. The Media Services department is videotaping tutorials for us which will be uploaded to Blackboard, and, we are creating our own mini-tutorials through ScreenFlow.

Each week the students have to create a digital "sketchbook" entry 5 days a week and post to their account in MySpace. Also, we all work on a weekly collaborative project that is shared and exhibited in the class MySpace account. Each student is responsible for posting a 200 word blog in their Typophile account and for commenting on 2 peer's blogs and 2 professional blogs weekly as well.


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did you hear about

might be a good educational CMS.

and of course i would always recommend on WordPress.

there are some good(and not visually busy) open source content management systems out there.

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I'm not one to tell you what to or not to do on here, but teachers often make assignments like 'post two comments on this or that web site/newsgroup/forum' and that can tend to annoy the natives. ;o)

Also, just a personal opinion, myspace is the student-overflow-flimsy-rented-trailer-in-the-parking-lot of classrooms ;0)

All that said, sounds like a really interesting project!

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Dear Aluminum,

Thank you for your insights. As to your reservations, allow me to explain:

I am 53 and Daniela was born in the 70s; I have practiced graphic design for over 32 years, hold an MFA in graphic design, mentored young designers since 1980 and taught type and design at the university level for over four years. Daniela's MFA is from Cal Arts and she is a tenured professor of Graphic Design at Loyola University of Loyola. She is also on leave from being a member of the board of directors of the Education Steering Committee of AIGA.

I attend TypeCon annually so that I can hear for myself what is going on in the field professionally and educationally. Also, this past semester I taught "Design for Music Industry Majors" which is kind of the audio equivalent of design, sort of. The students were all seniors at Loyola University Loyola and all very very bright. What I learned from them about life and work through the internet blew my socks off.

These kids are our competition; they work harder, faster, smarter. Though they lack the long view of aged wisdom, they instinctively KNOW what is going on and how to compete in the marketplace. Sometimes I think of students as the gorilla fighters in an information war who compete against behemoths like old scholars, mature professionals and major corporations.

Youth often annoys but it is our job to show them the way. As long as anyone is polite and respectful in any arena, I believe they are welcome.

Daniela and I decided to throw ourselves into this arena to see, while using heavily controlled and directed supervision, how we could teach a studio course, like design, in this very accessible and popular medium.

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