Typefaces used by Banks

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I seek informations about the typefaces used by international banks company.
Which bank use which typefaces?

Many many thanks for your help :-)

Christophe Badani

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Luzerner Nationalbank uses Dolly,
Jyske Bank uses Sauna (and a custom monospaced version of S.)

Edit: I've overseen international, they might act nationalwide only …

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Salut Christophe,

there’s a list of Corporate fonts at German Typografie.info. It features some banks, too.

This older Typophile thread is about corporate initiated typeface designs. Nick mentions the Westminster Bank typeface, by David Quay(?), and Robb says that Fontbureau has customized a monospace Interstate for Citibank.

And there’s the Website about Corporate Identity by Hans Stol with a lot of useful information.


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Thanks Thomas, good information. Sorry but it's not particulary for a international bank.
Merci Florian :-) I know this good thread on typographie.info not the other, thanks!
What else?

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Deutsche Bank - Univers
Citi Bank - Interstate
Barclays - Barclays Sans & serif (custom from Monotype)
Royal Bank of Scotland - FS Lola

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