American University in Dubai? Other schools?

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So. It seems to me that my family might be relocating to Dubai in the near-future, and I'm in the process of looking for some education.

I currently am preparing to start my second year as a GIC (Graphic and Interactive Communication) major at the Ringling College in Sarasota, Florida. I love this school, and have thought hard about the decision to transfer out, and while I have not completely decided if I will be leaving the country with my family, I need to have my options open. It's just hard to think about passing up the opportunity to travel to such a neat place.
So, I extend this question to you, the typophiles, does anyone have any experience with the American University in Dubai or any other Art/Design related schools in the area? On a related note, does anyone have any experience as a working designer in Dubai, or any nearby countries, I'm curious about where the middle east stands in the world of Graphic Design.

Thanks so much!
- JK

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Virginia Commonwealth University's Qatar campus in Doha offers a full graphic design curriculum taught by US and european-trained faculty. The program is now coed, and is worth checking out.

Disclosure: I'm a MFA student in design at VCU's Richmond campus, and I've met some of the faculty that teach there.

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Carnegie Mellon University has a campus in Qatar. They have a design department in Pittsburgh at their main campus but I don't know if they also have design in Qatar.


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