Where to submit bugs for major fonts?

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Where should I go to submit bug complaints about certain major fonts like Times, Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Palatino, and the like?

Basically, my complaint is that none of these major fonts has proper support for a particular combining diacritic, which nonetheless they all provide the glyph for. I’m referring specifically to U+0331 COMBINING MACRON BELOW, which I need for text in the Tlingit language. All of these fonts in their latest flavors from Microsoft or Apple actually provide the glyph and codepoint, but none of them position the diacritic with anything even close to accuracy. Contrast this with Lucida Grande, Charis SIL, or even Jazz LET, for a few examples.

The reason this bothers me (instead of “just use a font that works!”) is because I’m working to get keyboard layouts and input methods done for Tlingit on both current flavors of Windows and Mac OS X. If the system fonts don’t even support the text properly it’s going to be a big PITA for me to explain to users.

I wouldn’t be so let down if the glyphs weren’t provided at all. But as it stands, they’re there but essentially nonfunctional. So who do I complain to?

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I'm not an expert on how this is supposed to align but it seems to work fine using TNR...

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