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Mário Feliciano's Merlo looks like a very useful set of fonts. Unfortunately, the Feliciano website seems to be down. The one time I got to it, I believe it showed 10 fonts in the family, for about $320 US. Merlo is also offered by Village for $120 the family, but the family is four fonts -- though the two "expert" fonts do include os figs & small caps.

Anybody know what else comes with the family from Feliciano? In principle, I'd prefer the designer get all the money, but the iffy website is a problem.

TIA, Charles

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Charles, my impression from the Village web site is that Village is more of a cooperative than most foundries, and so each gets a bigger cut of the sales. That may be why Feliciano's web site has not been kept up so much.

From the site:

"We are the union of eleven young type foundries who have decided to go it alone, together. vllg.com is the information channel and boutique storefront for this group of equals."

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I recently purchased Merlo.


The version from Vllg is actually better than the version Mario actually sells. It has more ligatures, dingbats, and several other important features like fractions.

There also differences in the vertical bearings and kerning:



However the version that he sells has alternates in the italics that I really love:

Also, Mario tells me there is an opentype version on the way soon. Hopefully all the features will be united.
Until then, buy the Vllg version then request from Mario the version he has.

I really love using it. Next on my list from him is Rongel. I really love his work.

All my best,

Mike Diaz :-)

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Thanks for the reply. It can be hard to tell from the screen, but in your sample, I prefer the letterforms (ascenders & descenders) of the Feliciano. If/when I get it, I'll wait until the Feliciano website is up.

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It seems that Mario's website in working in order.
try to go there and buy the fonts.

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Which version is later? When were they released?

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