Glyphs Renaming Problem!

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I wanna rename alot of glyphs, with the easiest of way possible. Ofcourse I can use font creator or fontlab for this task, but in both programs, I am forced to use mouse.... which gives pain and slow work...
Can anyone tell me of a better program where renaming of glyphs is faster and more easier than above programs....... Thnx

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You could try the TTX library. It does not compile and decompile all fonts 100% correctly, but if it works for your font, you can edit it at will with your favourite plain text editor.

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you can edit it at will with your favourite plain text editor.

On a mac you can avoid pain and slow work if you use the Unix stream editor sed instead of "your favourite plain text editor". For instance, if you start with MinionPro-Regular.otf, apply ttx to it to get MinionPro-Regular.ttx and want to replace every occurrence of Scommaaccent with uni0218 you can use the line command

sed 's/Scommaaccent/uni0218/g' MinionPro-Regular.ttx > MinionPro-Regular#1.ttx

and then ttx MinionPro-Regular#1.ttx gives you the otf font you want in MinionPro-Regular#1.otf. You could also place a list of substitutions in a sed script and apply them all to the ttx file (to replace all commaaccent names with their corresponding uniXXXX name for instance). You could push the scripting process further and process with a single Bash script all the fontfiles in a directory; scripts help working fast, and help avoiding errors.


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Thnx to Theunis and Michel for your fast replies.... Actually I am a windows user and cannot handel scripting and programming. :(
I saw some people talking about keyboard shortcuts in fontlab... If it is possible to use them for fast renaming of glyphs.... Which keystrokes might be useful?

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If you can't use a script or other program (I use an old Y&Y TeX program & Vedit on PFA & AFM files -- the same S&R routines also work on .fea files, etc.), and have to work inside FontLab, you will have to use alt+G+R. When the window comes up, you'll be in the new name field. Delete any name there, type in your new tame, tab twice & you're in the Unicode field, & type that in, & hit "Enter". BTW, you can store parts of names in "copy & paste," so if using only Fontlab, when (for example) I name small caps, I store ".smcp". Then all I have to type is A and the keystroke sequence to paste in ".smcp". Cuts down on typos.

Easier to use auxiliary programs, though.

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There is also a macro by Adam Twardoch avaiable that renames glyphs by scheme.
Don't know if this still works under newer versions of FL, haven't used it for a while.


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thnx to all helpers....... problems solved..........

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