My first printed type composition. Your opinion?

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As the title says, this is my first type composition and book cover that was really printed. It's a book cover of a childrens school book, and it was really a challange for me! So what do you think?

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Is it that bad? :\


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I like it alot! Love the zerbrawood with woodgrain. What kind of school book is it, might I inquire?

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Not bad at all. Good job.

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Nuno, it looks good. I guess sometimes a tread takes a while to cause interest. Also, I suppose, or speculate, that one only get 75 hits on their postings when they are five year members of the Coliseo Tipográfico Mundial(e).
Can you give us some shots of the tilte page and other pages of your choice? That is not required :-), it is just a thought. I can see the cover, and it has proper margins, the construct of letters is interesting and accord to primary education or higher.

Now off topic: I went to your website sometime ago, by the time you were asking something about letterpress in BCN. I found a email link there and sent you a email. I never got any answer. I suppose you are busy or did not receive the email (maybe it ended up in a junk box...).
And another thing: I spent two years in BCN, time enough to learn Catalá. Back then I thought catalan was too small of a language as to learn it. I had to decide if learn it or not. As a matter of choice I realized I could not afford giving time to it, and that was a mistake. If you can, learn catalán. I later realized that if you can speak catalan it causes a very good impression on catalan speakers, and that my friend, counts on your favor. I am sorry I did not do it, I was too busy...

Salut e forza al canut! : That matters :-)


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- Aaron, it's a language book, in this case Catalan :) its for primary education.

- André, where you the one that sent me the e-mail in Portuguese? I did got a Portuguese e-mail that was sent to the info mail of the studio that I'm currently working, and yes of course i did answered it! But maybe you didn't got it :\

I wont show the inside pages :) first of all i didn't do them, and second they are very very crappy, the editorial and the book authors totally ruined the layout :S It's sad cus it was kinda good for a book of this type.

Last but not least, thanks for commenting! I'm proud of this simple cover!

You can see another cover that i didn't do it myself but "directed" it so that it would follow the line:

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