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Hello typophiles,
I'm designing a brochure for a secondary school in town. I want to give them a fresher look as they want to slowly get away from an old conservative institution. It's a "business school" in the sense that preparing kids for the real world is their main goal.

Do you have any font to suggest for a nice coupling with Optima Regular (school's corporate font)?


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If they want to look more progressive they shouldn't use Optima. You could always keep it for their logo, but I wouldn't use it anywhere else.

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I hope my post didn't sound too harsh. Optima, to my eyes, is not a current looking typeface. I was a teenager in the 80's and saw a lot of Optima. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way. I would try and steer them towards something more neutral, but still contemporary. There are a lot of typefaces out there that could work if they're open to something else. If they have to stick with it, I would look at a sans that works, and keep it to a minimum. Maybe Avenir, Gotham, Frutiger?

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Hello Chris, your post didn't sound harsh at all.
Optima was really popular in the late 70 (probably because it was first published then). Thanks for the suggestions. I was actually going for Bliss. I'll post some design in a later stage so you'll see the results!

Thanks again.


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