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Hi i'm working on a typography assignment for a university paper in New Zealand. The Assignment is "Use the type from a non-alcoholic beverage and container to design your own perception. The inherent challenge being not to design an endorsement of the beverage, but to express ametaphor or interpretation of it".

The beverage i have choosen is a fruit juice beverage called Simply Squeezed. Since starting this project i have been made aware of the turth, Simple Squeezed Juice has had preservatives, water, sugar added and the juices is made from concentrate.

I was trying to create the feeling that the type is under pressure, being crushed. The reasn i have made the type so hard to read is because the name "Simply Squeezed" is misleading when additives are used to make the juice.

I have a question to ask:
How would i make the type look under pressure compressed?

Any feed back is much appreciated.
thanks for your time

image/tiffTypography Assignment development
Typography assignment.tif (456.8 k)

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Just thought this smaller file might help
smaller iamge

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Interesting... reminds me of Mmmm... Skyscraper I Love You by Tomato.

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Nathan, post your assignment so I can see it. All I see with the tiff format is gibberish. Jpeg or Gif will work for me.

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Another thing i would like tto add. I was trying to use the white space as an element to emphaise the pressure the type is under.

thank you for waiting

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what about incresing the scale of type i have use here
does it suggest compression, pressure?

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Nathan, if I read 'interpret' rather than 'endorse' correctly, this doesn't have to have any commercial feel to it

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Momentary hijack: John, Amazon is teh suck. Is the aforesaid book basically a visual interpretation of Underworld music? And the kicker: Is there Freur or Lemon Interrupt included?

Back to reality.

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Kia Ora Nathan. Is this from Andr

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Quite a beautiful form you have created. It is more the look of pulp from squeezing rather than feeling squeezed. I think the difference is that you have created a texture by using so many letterforms. You might try using far fewer words to make your point. To show squeezing, you may need to have a visual comparison to anti-squeezing. Maybe the word"Simple" is spaced normally and the word "Squeezed" uses progressively tightened letterspacing to the point of overlap. The Yin makes the Yang apparent by juxtaposition.


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