Google logo redrawn by thousands of kids

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Don't miss the thousands of creative interpretations of one logo from kids 18 and under. All the entries are organized geographically. It's a very interesting project!

This is the winner:

Some of my favorites:

(Everybody post your favorites!)

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Those are impressive.

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Le Goog!

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Here's the holiday logos:

Where did you get the others. We need to get a link to them.

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I linked the text in the first sentence, do you not see that?
Here's the link again:

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I am blind. ><

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Getting kids to draw doodles of your logo -- tasteful.

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Getting kids to love your brand — priceless.

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Getting kids to draw|love|wear your brand - Disney

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Letting people mess around with your branding - cool & unusual.

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admiring devious branding -- misguided

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hyper critical != realistic

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google has a long history of updating their logos with festive logos for special days, I wish more comanies did this.

google has such a potential to be big brother, but when I see them getting kids involved, putting thousands into open-source get get better software to people who can't afford any, I'm glad we have them

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