(x) Toyota June Selldown - Base 12 Serif {BJ Harvey}

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... or something. This is a long shot.

Toyota is running a series of TV ads here in the Pacific NW (USA). The title of the campaign is something like "June Selldown". I've only seen the TV ads, and I'm not quick enough to tape the ads on the VCR.

The font is a slab-serif -- the serifs are blocky, almost square. The type flashes by very quickly, so the only other thing I can describe is the crossbar on the A is very low, resting just above the serifs.

It goes by so quick I'm not sure I like the font or not, but I'd be interested in looking at a specimen ... if I can figure out what it is?!?

Has anyone else seen the ads? Thx!

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OK, here's a graphic from their website:

toyota font

not very good, but better than nothing.

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Based on the sample given, the best I can come up with so far is T26's Compressor Slab Serif. The combination of slab serif and the E missing the serifs on top right and bottom right, as well as the V appearing to have only outside serifs, ought to give it away, but I can't find it. Maybe it's a custom face for Toyota?

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Base 12 Serif Bold from Emigre.



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Nice job, BJ -- that looks like the one, all right.

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ok, thx. dave.

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I'm sure you meant "just another piston in the engine THAT MUST BE SOLD! THIS WEEKEND ONLY! IN THE TOYOTA JUNE SELLDOWN! ZERO DOWN, ZERO PAYMENTS UNTIL 2004!"

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good one. :-)

actually, I deleted the cog/machine
reference because Yves
has dibs on it.

I don't want no trouble, man.

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That's the one! I'm impressed. I forgot to mention that the jpg was horribly compressed. Sorry 'bout that. It took me a while to find the graphic: it's not on toyota.com, but buyatoyota.com. Go figure.

Apparently the sale is only in Portland. That's why nobody else saw it ... or maybe it's just that I'm the only one who watches TV any more?

I like the font! The usage in the comercial made it look a little wierd. Thanks again.

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"Buy this car or the type gets it!" :o)

It was OK on the television, It looked like whoever put it on the web din't know what they were doing.

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Haiku N

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If you're gonna use Base 12 serif: please, don't squish. ;)

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