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Name: Studeum Creative

Looking to get some opinions/insight on the name Studeum. The company will primarily focus on print/web. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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The word 'studeum' I am guessing is pronounced stew-dee-um. It kinda sounds like student to me which immediately made me think of it as an amateur company.

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Okay. Thanks Jayyy.

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Agreed. My first thought upon first glance was student.

Any backstory to go with the name? Perhaps we could help focus it a bit?

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Nothing to specific. Just something that sounded interesting an might look great in type form.

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yep ... recent greaduate.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design

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nope. just curious about peoples thoughts on a name. more comments welcomed.

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Well, in Latin, "studium" means "eagerness" or "zeal." Studium could have associations with studio, study, or student. But Studeum, because of the 'e,' has too strong of an association with "student" to mean much else.

Nick Hladek

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i think we're going to have to revisit this idea. Thanks everyone. you all have pointed very good points. much appreciated.

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