Ladybird Landscapes

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Please can you let me have your opinions on this logo for a small landscape design company in london.

What you like - what you don't - how it could be improved etc

thank you


ladybird logo

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I agree, a bit to the left and perhaps a bit smaller, too.

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Is that Mrs Eaves?

'bird' looks a bit loose relative to 'Lady', particularly spacing around the i. I agree, align the center of the bug's body with the vertical axis of the i.

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Visualy my only problem is with the huge gap a capital L creates The hole between L and a is disturbing.

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Gap on capital L

I don't think it's too bad, but shortening the leg on the L by about 15% would help.

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Apologies for the delay in my response

Thank you all for your comments which I have found very helpful and - as expected - completely right!

I have moved the bug to the left a bit and made it slightly smaller, tightened up the spacing on "bird" and shortened the leg on the L (which was bothering me a lot too).

See the new version below...

The font is indeed Mrs Eaves (I love it!) but I took the "y" from the "py" ligature as it seemed to work better with the word "landscapes" underneath.

If you have anymore comments I would love to hear them - good or bad. Thanks.


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Looks good, Steve. I thought that might be an alternate Y, but I don't own Mrs Eaves so I don't use it every day.

One quick fix

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Maybe tighten the "dyb" a hair.
And tighten the "CAP" more.


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Steve, are your clients going to use this logo on a van? If so add a bit of a drop shadow to the ladybug for an effect. It wouldn't read at small sizes but on a van or poster it could.

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