Dear Mosquitos

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Rough translation...

Dear Mosquitos, greetings.

Fear Me - I am human.
Leave me alone or,
I'll kill you

all, Thank You

...written in Mosquito.

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"As zha am verzed nin almost zix milllllllllion formz of comnunication, and, only few rrundred dialialectes, I mill gelp you. Here it goes:


Bbzzz Bzbbhzzzisss

¡ Bzzzh ! Bhzzz Bzzzzzrz ¡ Bzzzh !



Bhzsziiizzz (Tanzalition: Cheers)

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You get the prize for most random and simultaneously funny blog post ever.

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They kinda take the sting out of camping near water. I don't know if you have ever been to Chincoteague Virginia but the mosquitos there all have Red Baron scarves and fly B52 Bombers.


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Andre, thanks. Nothing lost in that translation.

Joe, on behalf of all Warm Bloods - thanks!

Chris, after the winter's near record snow fall it seems mosquitos have morphed into threaten size, with a brazen attitude to go with it. Fortunately, they haven't developed stealth technology :)

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