Corel Draw and True Type

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I made a font for a client who uses Corel Draw. Now when I suggested that he should switch to Illustrator, that opened a can of worms. He really didn't like my suggestion.

The font works for him in Word and Works, so it's obviously valid. It works on both my PC and Mac at home. Is there something perhaps in the way I'm generating the font? I used Fontlab 4.6 to make it.

The worse part of this is that Chank made the last font for him and it worked perfectly. I asked Chank if he did anything different from me (after all, he's the one that taught me) and there wasn't anything we could come up with.

What do you think? Anyone have an idea, besides dumping Corel Draw? I mean really, why use that program? But that can't be part of my answer.

The only possible thing I can think of is that I copy and paste the font into a new document. Maybe the document is corrupt? I have no clule. Please help me!


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You didn't tell us what exactly is the problem (crashing? font not available?), Tim.

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sorry, should have gone into more detail. the font shows up in the type menu. however, when he tries to type nothing happens. from what i understand, the cursor doesn't move. so basically corel doesn't understand the font.

i came up with two approaches for this after i posted this:
1. download the corel 12 trial version and install it on my pc. if it works on there then no problem on my end.
2. since i used fontlab, maybe i should use fontographer and export it as a ttf file. maybe that might have something to do with it? i don't like that option because fontlab shouldn't have a problem.

one thing i don't know is what he's running. how old his computer is, if he's using windows 98, etc. so there are some unknown variables in this problem.

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That's strange.
I'd guess that the problem is in your client's machine. Maybe the font isn't correctly installed.
Have he tried reinstalling the font?

Another (less probable) hypothesis is, there's something wrong with the font's name.
Any 'weird' (non-alphabetical) characters in its name?

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Just because the font works in Word and Works doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with it. Apps that do more complicated stuff with fonts often access additional stuff in the font in the way that more basic applications do not.



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Hmm. I see. Thanks, Thomas.
In that case, Tim, I think you should try MS Font Validator.

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ok, i'll give that a try

thanks for your help

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