indesign question : lines of text surounded by black box

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hey everybody,

i have a litl question regarding adobe indesign,and i can't figure it out for myself, been looking in the manual but don't really know what to look for.

i have say 40 lines of text, what i want to do is place some lines of the text in a black box, i don't want the entire text frame in a black solid collor...just some lines of text so that there is still a thin line of white space between every line...

i not really good in excplaining myself here since i don't know anny specific name for this but i hope you guys know what i mean.

anny help would be greatly appreciated

have a nice day everyone

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InDesign doesn't support this directly, so you have to work around that.

If you want an entire paragraph boxed, cut the text and place it into a frame of its own. You can paste this frame back into its position inbetween the other text (note that it will not break at the end of a page), or place it on its own with text wrap applied. You can also create a table of 1 cell and 1 row, although the same page break restriction applies -- ID will not break a table row.

If you want several lines boxed inside an otherwise regular paragraph, create a character style with Underline and Strikethrough. Move the Underline position down and the Strikethrough up to good positions. This does not create vertical lines at the left and right positions; you can fake these by inserting a pipe "|" symbol, adjusting its thickness and height with the Vertical and Horizontal scaling and moving it up or down with Baseline shift. You might want to offset the following/preceding text with a hair or thin space (also with the underline/strikethru applied).

[Added] It seems you may also be referring to "inverse text" :-) That's also possible; create a very thick Underline -- about the same as your leading --, and set the text color to "Paper".

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hey Theunis, it worked, i appreciate the help !

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