Typeface designer job opening

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This just went online. Details on the link; this is the important bit:

An exciting and challenging Knowledge Transfer Partnership has been established between the University of Reading's School of Arts & Communication Design and Monotype Imaging Ltd.

The 24-month project aims to utilise academic expertise to recapture know-how embedded in Monotype's library drawings for legacy technologies, and formulate a testing and development process to generate new, extended character set typefaces. Building on the recognised quality of Monotype's library new, multi-script typeface families will be developed during the project. The role will be based at Monotype in Redhill, Surrey.

You will have a BA 2.1 or above or a MA in Typography or related field with experience in digitising and testing typefaces. You will have some experience of developing extended character set typefaces, and preferably some experience with non-Latin typeface design. You will be proficient in Fontlab, with demonstrable experience of developing OpenType fonts. You will have strong research and documentation skills, and good communication skills. You will be organised, meticulous, and a good collaborator.

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This is fascinating, but I am suspecting there's something missing in the description. How is Reading involved? Does the position involve using students to do the work?



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Indeed this is an abbreviated description. No students are involved, although I suspect that graduates may apply.

The scheme is part-funded by the company, part by the UK Technology Transfer Board. The University employs the designer, who gets seconded to the company, and provides the academics' time for contribution. The day-to-day reality looks very much like the person is employed by the company, but with close contribution by the academics involved.

The objective is to enable companies to capitalise on expertise in UK universities for strategic benefits. The scheme has been very successful, but this is the first such project focused on typography (full details here).

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Can you please put this into plain English, Gerry? What are they wanting to do & achieve?

(I was inoculated for corporate-speak as a child. This sort of writing is like a foreign language to me.)


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Kris, if you need it in plain English, fuggedaboudit :-)

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"I was inoculated for corporate-speak as a child."

I hope you also got the Government speak and Academia Speak booster shots as well, Kris :-)


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It seems pretty clear to me: taxpayers give money to the government, the goverment gives money to the University of Reading, Reading gives money to a type designer, who goes to work at Monotype, and folk in the typography department at Reading provide input and advice on the work...

All with the aim of teaching Monotype how to make digital versions of their old typefaces that don't look like crap. One might say that it's about time.

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I wonder though why taxpayers have to pay for that instead of Monotype shareholders...

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From here:

How are KTPs funded?

Each KTP is part funded by a Government grant to the University. This contributes to the costs it incurs through participating in that particular Knowledge Transfer Partnership, whilst the balance of the costs directly attributable to the project is borne by the business partner.

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Thanks for the clarification.

What's the ballpark salary?


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"I wonder though why taxpayers have to pay for that instead of Monotype shareholders..."

One benefit might be that the insights on how to "make digital versions that don't look like crap" doesn't end up exclusively with monotype but rather within the research community and thus usable (and improvable) by others.

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