The Question Mark

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Hello people!

How is it going with you guys?

I am doing a visual research on the origins of the " ? "
Does anyone know anything about the Question mark?

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Thanks Simon but im looking for something more than google search and wikipedia

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ok, but I think the Wiki is quite in depth. Maybe you'll find more info from others.


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Available from $369? Yikes!

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Exactly :D

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That's what interlibrary loan is for.

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I thought this was familiar.

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Khajag, I actually have parts of Pause & Effect
photocopied - if you like I can look it up for you.


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Heck, I've got a copy of "Pause and Effect" right here on the desk beside me and I'll sell it for a lot less than Amazon wants. Maybe about a third of that cost.

willhpowers [at]

make me an offer. I'll mail it when I get the check.


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