FontLab will not start

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I would like to submit a screenshot from my computer (PowerPC G4 - MacOs 10.4.11) because my FontLab decided to stop working this morning, and I tried everything I could think of, from erasing the preferences to uninstalling-reinstalling the program, but I still can't manage to open FontLab.

It's strange because I've had it working for more than a year, on this same computer, with no problem at all.

It worked untill last night, but when I opened it this morning, this is what i got: no file opening, no bar on top, just the chance to quit the program, and when I do that it crashes.

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Have you tried running disk utility and repairing permissions?

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No and I am running it right now, I will let you know if it works, thank you!

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Unfortunately repairing permissions did not solve the problem...still can't start fontlab!

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Did you install anything between last night and this morning? Think hard! It's unusual for apps to suddenly just fail, but saying that MS Office recently bottomed out on my MacPro for no aparent reason. I'm not so surprised about that though and I can happily live without Office. Good riddance and welcome OpenOffice. If you did install anything (however small) remove it completely and try again.

If not, set up a new (admin) user on the machine and try to run FontLab logged in as the new user. If it works, then it's your account that's to blame. You might like to migrate your account if FontLab's of utmost importance. Or painstakingly weedle-out the problem process ...

If that doesn't work try killing non-essential processes and re-running it. You can see all processes in Terminal with ps -cax. Typing kill [process id] will terminate a process. You can't do any real damage, but make sure you don't have any important suff open when you do this.

Other than that, if you've tried completely uninstalling/reinstalling FontLab, put it down as a mystery and leap for the OSX DVD. Bit drastic that though.

Let us know how you go.

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Ok, thanks to both of you guys, I ended up creating a new "Fontlab" account like Mark suggested, and it works! And since I'm too busy to reset everything as it was in my previous account...I will just live with the double-id system, enjoying the rotating cube as I switch from one to the other... at least untill I am done with this thesis! :)

I still have not figured out why this occurred, I remember clearly not installing anything in the past days...but I can finally get back to work, so thanks a lot again!

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