Punct for smcp and osf (yes there really is a question in here, somewhere)

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so i finally got InDesign for my home computer and have been having fun checking out the features on some of the different fonts on my machine. I thought it was really nice of Microsoft to include FB Californian with all the software that came on my laptop (Microsoft Office). It's a great face but i was saddened that the version i own has no OT features. So i figgered i'd try to add em on my own. I became confused a bit about naming conventions for punctuation that is used along with small caps and oldstyle figures. which sorts should be labeled "sort.sc" and which should be "sort.oldstyle"? Is there any kind of standard for this? Is there some resource that outlines such standards?
A secondary question

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The Fontlab manual will get you started on a few features
with the OpenType chapter.

Also a few links:

Large overview by Adobe

Glyph Processing article by generous John Hudson

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hey thanks for the links eric. i guess i shoulda been more succinct tho. i was wondering for example should it be parenright.sc or parenright.oldstyle? that's what i'm confused about at the moment.

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Paul, I'm not positive on this so I won't give my guess.

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Paul, you might be interested in this thread.

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